Best Amp Plugins For WordPress

Best AMP Plugins for WordPress 2024

WordPress is a well-known platform to build websites customized to your business. It can be a website, a blog, a small business website, a membership store, online shops, or even an online marketplace. This digital platform is the most popular and widely used content management system present on the internet and powers about 43.3% of websites running in it.

Viewers and internet users currently access their web content through devices like tablets, smart devices, or even mobile phones. The websites created using WordPress need to be reprogrammed for mobile viewing – which is possible by finding and using the best amp plugin for WordPress.

Why Use AMP plugins?

Billions of people use mobile web-enabled devices like tablets and smartphones in the current time for entertainment, information, and communication. In 2021, the total number of individual mobile users reached 4.32 billion – which was 96% of the world population. Any virtual business entity will target those potential customers and change their digital presentation accordingly.

Established businesses and entities can now invest in creating a separate mobile application for the company – a step not possible for every website owner. However, having your website optimized for mobile viewing has become essential – in which the slow loading speed of web pages poses problems. In this situation, WordPress websites can use different plugins (also called WP AMP plugins) to solve these problems.

Best WordPress Amp Plugins To Use In 2024

AMP is a fragment of Google and stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. It is an open-source enterprise sustained by technology companies like Google and Twitter. The venture aims to create web content load quicker for mobile users as reading on the web is often slow for most mobile users. Here is a list of some WP AMP plugins one can consider to make their web pages more mobile-friendly:

Official AMP plugin for WordPress

It is the official WP amp plugin that many developers consider the best for WordPress. It has the following benefits:

  • It supports all core themes
  • It shows the complex components of manual problem-solving.
  • It can handle both AMP and non-AMP content.
  • It can create a page with AMP standards with a canonical and AMP URL.

AMP for WP Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP for WP plugin is a popular WordPress plugin to create AMP pages. It is easy to use and has high-level evaluations by WordPress officials. The benefits of this plugin are:

  • AdSense maintenance
  • Contact Form 7 support
  • Email opt-in provision
  • Call to action support

Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP

It is also another prevailing SEO WordPress plugin. You can get the following benefits from it:

  • You can use two plugins at the same time.
  • It provides more options for the website.
  • It can increase website SEO health and help top rank on Google SERP.


It makes the website AMP compliant on which it is installed. This WP amp plugin supports GDPR, HTTPS, Google Analytics, YouTube, and BrightCove.

weeblrAMP CE Best AMP Plugin WordPress

It comes loaded with features that give your site APM support and a vast number of tools that make your website advanced and easy to manage, such as:

  • Disqus
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Facebook pixel, etc.


It is a newly launched WP amp plugin that makes the site loading speed five times better and fully compatible with Yoast SEO. Here are it’s some other features:

  • GDPR support.
  • Ability configures AMP for specific taxonomies (tags and categories).
  • Optional sticky header.
  • Image lightboxes.
  • Slider support.
  • Related posts view.
  • Support for third-party analytics

Maintaining viewer attention

The average viewers wait for a maximum of 3 seconds before discarding a webpage and moving on to the next – amounting to 53% of all websites. In the absence of a functional mobile app, using amp plugins for WordPress is the best option.

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