What is a Blog?

What is a Blog and How to Create it? (Simplified Guide)

Many people who have ever heard about the term “blogging” may not know what exactly blogging is. Whether you have no idea about blogging or have a little basic knowledge, this guide will help you to understand the concept of blogging. It will provide you with the answer to your question of what is a blog and how to create it?

What is a Blog?

A blog is an online platform where a person or a group of some people regularly write about topics of their interest, about which they have the knowledge to share as well. Blogs display information in reverse chronological order with newer posts appearing before the older ones.

The term blog is a shortened form of “weblog” (web-log). Earlier, these weblogs allowed users to “log” their hobbies or day-to-day lifestyle like a digital diary.

Today, the content of a blog typically includes text, pictures, videos, GIFs and much more. 

However, blog content can vary with the subject. A food blog or a travel blog may have more pictures to show dishes and destinations with less text. While literature or political blog might contain more text as compared to other niches and so on.

How to Create a Blog?

Fortunately, starting a blog is almost affordable and easy too. Setting up your blog requires a few steps.

Step 1: Choose a Domain Name

First, you need to decide on your blog name, which is called the domain name.

For example: At www.abcd.com, here, “ABCD” is your domain name and “.com” is the domain extension.

Note: The combination of a domain name and domain extension is always unique.

Let’s understand this with an example:

There can be two different blogs with names “abcd.com” and “abcd.net”. But, two different blogs with names “www.abcd.com” and “www.abcd.com” are not possible.

Step 2: Buy a Hosting Plan

The next step is to choose and buy hosting. There are lots of hosting providers with different hosting plans. We don’t endorse any hosting, as choosing hosting purely depends on your budget and requirements.

Choose according to your level of understanding, budget and needs. As you might be just starting, you should go for any basic plan.

Note: You should buy a domain and hosting service from the same platform. It will help to avoid the technical requirement to transfer domain rights to a different hosting.

Step 3: Install WordPress (A Content Management System)

Now, it is time to install WordPress ( a content management system) on your hosting. You can choose a different CMS, but WordPress is relatively the easiest CMS to use. 

Because WordPress is the most common CMS used in the world, lots of hosting plans include “one-click installation” for WordPress.

So, probably you may not find it difficult to install WordPress.

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Step 4: Choose Your Blog Theme

Now it’s time to select a theme (design and layout) for your blog. Themes allow users to skip the coding part for creating a blog or a website. So, you can customize the look of your blog without any technical knowledge of coding.

Fortunately, there are thousands of free and paid themes options available, yet another benefit of WordPress. Every theme has different customizable options and features. So you should select a theme according to your blog needs and preferences.

Step 5: Add Content

Once your blog is live, the next step is to add content to it. To grow your blog and its readers, you need to keep your blog active with fresh content. You can also take help from professional content writing services, however it would be good if you start from your own thoughts and words. Regularly updating a blog with informative and quality content is required to make your blog successful.

Note: Always remember that consistency is the key to success. The idea of starting a blog fascinates everybody at some point. But, lots of people end up getting bored of writing and get out of ideas about topics to write on.


We hope you have gained some helpful information about blogging from this article. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments, Effortless Blogger loves to hear from you.

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